Bill Runs A Consumer Oriented Operation

I heartily endorse Bill Burgess for Marion County Clerk!

I have known Bill since he was on the Salem City Council in the 1990’s.  He was an excellent city councilor: thoughtful and knowledgeable.

I was elated when he became Marion County Clerk!  He runs a smooth, consumer oriented operation!  For instance, when you call the elections section, a live person answers!  And the live person knows the answers to my questions!  They will even email me the information upon request. 

Also, when I went to his office to get my passport, the staff made the procedure easy and not stressful at all.  It arrived in a timely manner.

When I had to get a copy of a deed from Bill’s Licensing and Recording Division, I found the documents immediately.  After Covid restrictions were in place, all I had to do was call to request the documents. They were emailed to me the same day for a reasonable fee.

I have lived through many elections since Bill Burgess was elected as County Clerk in 2005.  I love his drive up ballot collection operation on Court Street; fun and easy!  Bill is also ensuring Marion County voters who lost their homes in the recent fires will have access to ballots.

Bill has always made sure that Marion County voters have the luxury of having a Voter Pamphlet.  Not all Oregon counties have them.  The Voter Pamphlet allows us to be informed about each item on the ballot. 

Because of Bill Burgess, voters in Marion County will in spite of Covid, continue to have drop boxes for our ballots, voter pamphlets, an easy way to track our ballots, and trained staff who answer the phones if we have questions.

I wholeheartedly support Bill’s re-election and hope you do, too!

Aileen Kaye, Turner, Oregon

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