We Want Honest People in Government

We want to go on record as strongly endorsing Bill Burgess for the office of Marion County Clerk. Bill has worked effectively in the County Clerk’s office for fifteen years, during which time the county population has increased by more than 16%. He brings excellent credentials to this position, with a Master of Public Administration from Lewis and Clark College and many years’ experience in public service.

The clerk’s duties require office administration; maintaining records and archives; responding to public records requests; scheduling elections; licensing and recording; and, administering the Board of Property Tax Appeals.  Bill understands the importance of keeping good records and of dealing congenially with the public. He is honest, reliable, and willing to work the long hours needed for the position. We believe Bill Burgess is the person best qualified to be our County Clerk.

In our experience of working with Bill in city government, we have found him totally trustworthy and incorruptible.

Bill’s well-known commitment to accountability in government will promote an atmosphere of openness in the area of government.  If you want to see honest people in government, join us in supporting Bill Burgess for Marion County Clerk on November 3rd.


Ingrid Stromberg and Wayne Harris, Salem Oregon

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