Bill Is Always There To Help

Over the years we have lived in various counties in states all over the country as well as in Oregon. Bill Burgess has been one of the most accessible and helpful county clerks we’ve ever dealt with.  It has been much easier to access and record information in Marion County than anywhere else we’ve lived. Since vote by mail was begun in Oregon, we’ve served as observers in a number of elections and have always been impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of the staff in Marion County. We’ve watched as ballots were processed and tallied in the secured area as well as observing staff in the front dealing with people needing provisional ballots. Bill has always been willing to explain how the process works as well as answer any questions we might have had. Whenever we’ve needed to record or locate documents, it’s been a relatively simple process and his staff has always been helpful and courteous.

Mike Hughes, Salem Oregon

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